hole in hedge made by car

Have you suffered from a vehicle crashing through your boundary fence or hedge?

One of our clients regularly finds a car has crashed through his hedge. It has spun of the road whilst passing through some bad bends – unsuccessfully! After client has carried out temporary stock proofing repairs, he calls me. I then attend and pursue the drivers insurance company. The inconvenience of picking up the broken plastic and glass, getting rid of the snapped off hedge and sometimes pulling the car out with his tractor is now not so painful. We have negotiate a detailed claim on behalf of the landowner.

With road safety measures whilst repairs are undertaken, new hedge planted, all debris removed, the farmers time, our time etc. etc. it is not so much a means of making a profit, but more a case of fairly recovering all the costs for the inconvenience caused by an unfortunate driver. Most farmers and landowners ‘take on the chin’ because they don’t have the time or the means to pursue the claim.

We do have the time, experience and tenacity to pursue these claims for you on a ‘No settlement, No fee’ basis and if we are successful, the insured parties’ insurer will cover our charges to you too.

If you have suffered from the above and have any details as to who caused the accident, why not give us a call and let us do the rest?

Have you as an owner or occupier of land been asked to allow access for ‘resilience works’ by your local electricity network operator or National Grid?

If so, do bear in mind what it is they are asking for. ‘Resilience work’ is the trimming or felling of trees and other vegetation that is perfectly lawfully within the vicinity of their apparatus that could in time cause problems to the line. Electricity companies’ statutory rights to trim back such vegetation are very limited.

Obviously trimming back vegetation, a relatively short distance from the line, will mean that it will soon grow back and the electricity company will have to revisit and trim again, at its own expense. If the electricity company is allowed to trim back more that it has a right to, or even to ground level, they save £’000’s and your view of the apparatus increases.

The simple solution is to not allow ‘Resilience Works’ without a payment to you being made in return. We can assist with negotiating your case and what is more, the electricity company will indemnify our costs of being represented! Meaning we work for you, maximise the payment to you and the electricity pays!

Please get in touch for more details.

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photo of resilience round telegraph poles