Boris Johnson victory raises fears in the UK Farming Industry

Top spokesmen in the UK Agriculture sector have urged the new Prime minister Boris Johnson to reconsider leaving the EU on his self-imposed deadline of 31 October should there not be a deal in place.

A letter written by NFU president Minette Batters to Mr Johnson sets out 5 policy priorities:

  1. Stimulating farm business competitiveness and innovation
  2. Rising to the challenge of tackling climate change, with the aim of reaching net-zero carbon emissions from agriculture by 2040
  3. Promoting high food standards through trade policy, building a British food brand and protecting farmers from imports of food that would be illegal to produce in the UK
  4. Ensuring an adequate supply of labour through a suitable immigration system
  5. Providing a long-term budgetary commitment for food and farming

The letter, which refers to the prime minister’s farming family and previous stint as an agriculture correspondent for a national newspaper, said securing free and frictionless trade with the EU was crucial.


Another key figure Glyn Roberts, Farmers Union of Wales president, outlined the dangers of a no-deal Brexit stating:

“We are absolutely clear, no responsible UK government would allow the UK to leave the EU without a deal,” he said.

“The latest analysis by Hybu Cig Cymru suggests 92.5% of our lamb export trade could disappear if we go over the Brexit cliff on 31 October.”


Matthew Blantern – 29th July 2019


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